Laceration by bhairavi ponkshe

Laceration by Bhairavi Ponkshe

Ask my name and I’ll utter a thousand wordsthat only sound like it. “Do what is necessary,” they saylike necessityis what brings me

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Sad man by Prisac Nicolae

Troubled young boys grow up to be steadfast gentlemen by Mitra Visveswaran

Troubled young boys grow up to be stiff and steadfast gentlemenWearing suits and ties and combing their hair back, neatly gelledThey are soft with

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George Frederick Watts, Found Drowned, c. 1850, oil on canvas, Watts Gallery, Compton

People live longer in our grief than in our remembrance by Antara Verma

I am addicted to grief-It’s not that I can’t do anything about it,I just don’t want to do anything about it.Lifespans have increased in the

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Newspapers are a luxury in the hands of spectators by Resham Sharma

The morning newspaper stretches its wearied arms between my fingers and protrudes its chest close to my face as I sheepishly rub my nose. Headlines

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Hiba Schahbaz's Self Portrait

Weighing a girl, a woman and a mother

Every day when the sun hides behind treesA girl rides past my houseI look at her through the windows of my room.She goes around again and againuntil

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Girl Floating in Water by Ophelia

I am a gunshot wound

i am a gunshot wound.two tablespoons of Rooh Afza does not calm me, it either lights me up like Wills Navy Cut cigarettes or martyrs me to the ground

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