An ode to November by Shriti Chowdhary

November dips jalebis in kheerAnd debates the origin of rosgollasWith friends wearing saffron sweaters,Rolls of flour are kneadedTo crown the biryani

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Patriarchy Poems

Framing Food through the Kitchen Window by B Geetha

B Geetha's poem Framing food through Kitchen window is a much needed retrospection on deep-rooted patriarchy in Indian

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International Men's day Poetry by Anurag

“Gulp it down. You’re a bloody man” by Anurag Mohanty

Men are taught to be volcanoes. To gulp down storms whole without flinching, to try and bottle up agony until their own throats and eyes start

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Aishwarya Roy's The Goddess of all things

The Goddess of All Things by Aishwarya Roy

In Afghanistan, it has never been acceptable for women to write poetry on any subject. But to write to a lover has been considered a

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A kiss on the wrist by Shrutee Choudhary

on the nightof our firstencounteryou gave mea kissnot on mycheeks or myhand or lips you kissed meon my wrist I frowned asyou dabbed itsoftly, as ifto

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Ashes, ashes we all fall down by Khatija Khan

surely, the earth is a wicked old womanwho steals stainless steel bones to bury it under her skin, adding one more bone and one more year to her

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