Three women by Amrita Shergill

Moss by Sara Sethia

You and Ma and I are the mosses:  an endless wave of lush green

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Fernand Toussaint (1873-1956) Portrait

The absence of a poem by Resham Sharma

Writer’s block: the absence of a poem The absence of a poem sticks in the underbelly of your fingers- fingers who don’t recognise each

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Journey of a poem

Journey of a Poem by Aishwarya Roy

My poem is lactose-intolerant. It's a baker allergic to flour, A depressed comedian, A theatre kid with social anxiety, Who works in customer

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Too soiled with the notion of love

We’re too soiled with the notion of love by Shriti Chowdhary

There are caterpillars in my mother’s gajra crawling towards her ears while all she feels are my dad’s iron deficient nails burying in

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Laceration by bhairavi ponkshe

Laceration by Bhairavi Ponkshe

Ask my name and I’ll utter a thousand wordsthat only sound like it. “Do what is necessary,” they saylike necessityis what brings me

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Sad man by Prisac Nicolae

Troubled young boys grow up to be steadfast gentlemen by Mitra Visveswaran

Troubled young boys grow up to be stiff and steadfast gentlemenWearing suits and ties and combing their hair back, neatly gelledThey are soft with

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