We are always looking for good poems

What is Poems India?

Poems India is a literary organization that was founded in July 2018 with a vision to bring the best out of budding Indian poets and storytellers to the front and help them getting the exposure they deserved.

How it came into being?

Social media is a place where one can found every type of content in abundance. In the quest of keeping up with the latest trends, people are embracing mediocrity and those who don’t, suffers from the lack of content interaction. Good poems and stories are lost among the millions of write-ups – good and bad – that are being posted every day.

So, with the vision of curating good content of all three major languages (English, Hindi and Urdu) from all over the social media and giving the readers good content to consume – Poems India was founded.

Later we scaled ourselves to expose the budding Indian poets and storytellers from all corners of India to the Indian audience. Anyone from India can submit their content to request a feature on our social media. We post anything with fits into our criteria and that is ‘stories that matter’.

What do we do?

  • Digital content publishing in all three language
  • Produce and publish poetry films.
  • Organize storytelling and spoken word workshops to help the beginners enhance their skills.
  • Bi-monthly open mics in 17 Indian cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Pune, Kolkata, Varanasi, Bengaluru and Jaipur.
  • Online open mics and poetry showcase.
  • Publishing research articles on classical Indian poetry.