Organize Poetry and Storytelling Events in your city

We are building teams in several cities of India to resume our offline poetry and storytelling events. If you are an art enthusiast and wish to organize monthly poetry and storytelling events in your city, Poems India is providing you with a perfect chance. Please read the details below :

You can apply to be a Poems India Representative of your city or join the already existing teams. The team of representative will be responsible for organizing event for/with us and their responsibilities will include : 

  • Finding a noise proof venue which provides us with basic open mic setup like mic and speakers.
  • Recording the event videos.
  • Hosting the event.

Please note :

  • Expenses and benefits are to be managed by the team only. Incurred expenses can be minimized or covered by collaborations with venue and brands or by keeping a minimal registration fee to perform.
  • Events creatives/posters and registration form will be made available to you by Poems India.
  • Event will be promoted on Poems India social media pages.


We don’t provide any monetary compensation for the Open mic representatives and volunteers in any case whatsoever.

If you agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned above, you are almost there. Please fill the form. We shall get in touch with you shortly.