Anurag Mohanty

“Gulp it down. You’re a bloody man” by Anurag Mohanty

International Men's day Poetry by Anurag

Men are taught to be volcanoes. To gulp down storms whole without flinching, to try and bottle up agony until their own throats and eyes start forcing it out of their rotten insides, finally squirting out unfathomable lava that juggernauts its way into a pool of despair and rage, burning down every bystander on its way.

Handpicked poems from June 2021

Ladies' Enclosure

Twelve handpicked poems curated by the editors (in no particular order). Assume all kinds of trigger warnings before you start reading the pieces. The inheritance of worshipping by Aaditya Pandey Five generations ago when my ancestorsgave up their profession of worshipping,they did not stop practicing it altogetherrather they passed this legacy tomy great grandfather and …

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