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Poems India is proud to be a platform that inhabits poets and writers beyond geographical boundaries and time zones. We spare no effort in providing space and support to artists who stand out in the world of words and a poetic experience to the interested audiences. The Stage is Yours, is yet another footstep to make poetry break free and bring the finest quality of the written word of art to the stage. In this bi-monthly, online poetry showcase, our foremost aim stands to be able to allow the performers a real-time experience of being keenly listened to in a literary environment. The event encompasses a versatile ensemble of creative voices and a wide array of perspectives that will leave you inspired. People outside the world of poetry can join in as an audience to witness a poetically rich evening from the comfort of their homes. The spoken word event is an effort to make the stage inclusive and accessible to all individuals from diverse backgrounds and journeys. 

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The Stage is Yours, Poems India’s fortnightly online poetry showcase invites registrations two weeks prior to the date of the event. 

  • Submission

    The link in our Instagram bio takes you to the registration portal where you can submit your original piece of poetry or/and prose within a week of the beginning of registrations.

  • Selection

    Amongst numerous entries and submissions, fourteen choicest pieces of creative writing are selected on multi-faceted grounds including imagery, coherence, creativity, the vividness of language and meaningfulness.

  • Invitation

    Upon enlisting the chosen artists, they are notified via emails seeking their availability for the same, which are due for acknowledgement by the end of the same night. Following the confirmation from performers, the line-up for the event is announced on our Instagram page a couple of days before the event. The invitations for the online poetry showcase are forwarded to the performers and the audience with the link to a scheduled Google Meet meeting the earlier night.

  • Event

    The two and a half hour long adventure embraces theme based introductions pioneered by the hosts for the evening followed by astounding spoken word performances that leave their traces in your memory and heart for a long time, while also incorporating appreciation and acclamation from fellow artists and audience succeeding every recital.

  • Feedback

    The event concludes with reaffirming feedback and gratitude for the enthralling close of day.


No, the submission stands free of cost for all individuals.

Yes, you can get your tickets from Insider, the link to which is mentioned in our Instagram bio.

No, the performers don't have to pay for tickets.


Turn Poems India's Instagram post notifications on, we post the details in the beginning of every month.

You can register if you were not selected in the previous edition. However, the same artist will not be shortlisted as a performer for two consecutive TSIYs.

Do's and Don't's

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There will be no TSIY in the month of October.