Resham Sharma

Resham Sharma Poems India

A literature graduate with an earnest passion for the
written word of art, there are no words that can
describe her better than what she writes.

The anatomy of a happy family


In our household, we use the same soap bar but different towels per person- we are only similar in our filth, our grief, our shame, but we’re strangers when you strip us clean of misery. Happy families are not the ones that dine together three times a day, but who gulp down their hunger without letting each other know

Handpicked poems from June 2021

Ladies' Enclosure

Twelve handpicked poems curated by the editors (in no particular order). Assume all kinds of trigger warnings before you start reading the pieces. The inheritance of worshipping by Aaditya Pandey Five generations ago when my ancestorsgave up their profession of worshipping,they did not stop practicing it altogetherrather they passed this legacy tomy great grandfather and …

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Best of NaPoWriMo 2021

NaPoWriMo 2021

This year, during National Poetry Writing Month, we received over three thousand submissions via our social media and website. From the 50 featured pieces of poetry, we have picked a few for you to read.