Shriti Chowdhary

Shriti Chowdhary Poems India

I can probably write you a poem quicker than the
shift in your eyes when a new light source
presents itself. Only you get to decide if the
glint is too blinding or my glow-in-dark words
look cool on your skin.

An ode to November by Shriti Chowdhary


November dips jalebis in kheerAnd debates the origin of rosgollasWith friends wearing saffron sweaters,Rolls of flour are kneadedTo crown the biryani handiCheetahs draw frecklesWith henna and hibiscus oilShiuli droops towards an orangeTo dye her petals tangerineA tired frog uses dew dropsas homegrown tonerGandhraj brews a potionSo lemonyBees chug down goblets of it, moaning‘ts nectar, ‘ts …

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The universe needs me to be a bad daughter on a few days

Bad Daughter by Shriti Chowdhary

I once travelled on a public transport with my physically challenged brother and not a soul gave up their privilege of possessing legs to accommodate God’s biases. That night I locked myself in a room and cried until I promised myself that no matter how far my feet take me, I’ll step on it with spiky shoes if it dares to outrun kindness.